Paulina Gretzky scored a television hit with her song "Collecting Dust" when it was featured on MTV's Laguna Beach. The forums, message boards and chat rooms for MTV's hit show were flooded with comments, questions and requests for the song. Now in conjunction with the release of MTV's Laguna Beach Season 2 on DVD, Paulina Gretzky's single "Collecting Dust" has been officially released exclusively via iTunes, the world's #1 source and choice for online music. One listen and you will be hooked by the memorable melodies and haunting lyrics.

"Collecting Dust" is now receiving the same overwhelming acceptance from radio as it did from fans of MTVs # 1 show.

This is Paulina.

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"Collecting Dust is an altogether well-executed tale of lost adolescent love."
- Aaron Wherry, National Post

Paulina Gretzky - Collecting Dust - Single